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Monthly Archives: January 2016

This one is for my pal Edison, who sold me a terrific new receiver when I moved (at the old house I owned the speakers but my buddy owned the actual head end) and much to my dismay I learned that the antique furniture piece I had planned to use as the enclosure was just a hair too narrow…


Now that might look totally unfeasible, but as it turns out — upon closer inspection — we’re really talking about less than a quarter inch of difficulty.  Lining up one edge exactly and then inspecting the other confirms this…



Edison informed me that it was only out of sheer dumb luck that my old roommate’s receiver had fit in here.  Almost all modern units conform to a uniform size standard and I was going to be pretty screwed, no matter what model I selected.  I debated removing the face plate and trimming it down a bit, then hit on a better solution… it was time for me to break out the belt sander!



It might look ugly in the moment there, but actually once the job was done, very little of that additional craftsmanship is visible once the receiver is in place…




I have to say, overall I’m pretty pleased with how this all turned out.  One day I’ll probably get around to rubbing a bit of wood stain inside where I sanded down the inner side panel, but for now I’m just super happy that the old, wooden end table (which I found moldering in the corner of a used furniture shop back in Philly and then brought back from the dead) gets to still be with me in my living room.

Thanks for the great unit, Edison.  Got it all hooked up and I’ll be dialing in the speakers with the setup microphone this weekend, once I get a cable for the sub.